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Maldives Holiday & Honeymoon Packages from Dubai

Congratulations Arabs! You have right in front of you on the screen one of the most Arab/ Muslim friendly holiday destinations – Maldives. No doubt no other tourist place in the world other than Maldives can offer you such an awesome experience of being in a coral heaven with all the privacy and comfort keeping your religious concerns intact and safe.

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Best Arab Friendly Resorts In Maldives For Honeymoon

Now you could be eagerly searching for best Arab Friendly Resorts in The Maldives for Honeymoon and best Halal Honeymoon Packages in Maldives. Appreciation for you, for reaching the correct place! We show you the best search results after studying the itineraries of hundreds of resorts and villas with special attention to the Halal dishes and concerns about the Islamic values like prayer and privacy.

First and foremost, Maldives is an Islamic country which better cares for your concerns and to a great extent it can make you feel at home. Even in ultra luxurious villas and resorts here you will have your religious concerns best cared. As they know about your needs for privacy and Halal foods, majority of resorts, villas and apartments here provide private pools, lounges and private beaches for private sun bathing. Everyone comes here to have some secluded yet awesome moments, so all resorts ensure exclusive and confidential stay for the guests.

You and your partner will be all by yourselves in your apartment completely secluded from other apartments and its inhabitants, yet with all the services and amenities provided. You will have your apartments over water with a private pool inside your over-water room in its star-gazing deck and a small staircase which will take you into the lagoon around you. None else will watch you other than your sweet-heart or your endeared ones. You can have your own butler as per request or you can visit nearby restaurants where Halal foods are supplied.

Let us show you some of Arab friendly and Halal apartments in Maldives. You can better know about these from our website; their amenities, dishes, sports and facilities; 
Remember we are listing just a few of resorts. You can find a lot of resorts with various kinds of villas with different kinds of facilities. 

Why You Need Travel Agent For Perfect Maldives Honeymoon & Holiday Packages : The Facts

Are you doubtful why you should need a travel agent when making a trip or journey for a holiday vacation or a honeymoon celebration? 

You might have seen number of arguments on internet about this topic, right? Simply and honestly put, the answer is you SHOULD!

You can plan your trips with or without the aid and assistance of a travel agent. You can simply browse the web with your knowledge and find the details. You can book your trips and flights online all by yourself. Sure you can reach your destiny. But after that?

There are a lot of difference when you make your trip online and via a travel agency. Booking online can simply and surely get you to the destiny. But the responsibility is all on your own head. All the booking and checking-in procedures should be done by yourself. No assistance! There are a lot you can benefit from booking your trip via a travel agent. They can do more for you.

When you fly or travel with the aid of travel agent, the responsibility is theirs too. They have to care for your trip and your well-being all along your time course. If you approach a credible agency just for air-trip, they will care for you all along your trip from the origin to destiny. When you book for a tour packages through an agent, they have to consider you all along your stay.

Travel agents are more like a travel guides. They lead you, guide you and advise you. This writing is not to convey that online booking can be worse, but to make you aware of what you will benefit from collaborating with a travel agent!
Read below how a booking your trip through travel agent can benefit you more!

You and Me Maldives Resort By Cocoon

You & Me Cocoon  is one of the most romantic island resorts in Maldives. It is going to be opened on 1st March 2019 and surely will become the new year gift for Maldives lovers and tourists. You & Me is a well designed luxurious and beautiful stay for getting you ridden from stresses and tension of your everyday life.  U&Me is located in Raa atoll, north of Maldives. It is easily accessible by around 20 minutes speedboat journey or You&Me is just 45 minutes sea-plane journey away from Male’ International airport. It is basically designed for the couples and adults. The ambiance and setting of this Cocoon resort are best suitable for utmost romantic location for honeymooners and couples. The white sand shores and crystal-clear water around add to the charm of island.

This cocoon resort gives you quiet and awesome relaxing retreat. Apart from the luxuries and facilities the Cocoon provides, the designing of villas and the landscape of the Cocoon make it stand out from other luxurious resorts in Maldives. Surely Cocoon You&Me is really going to enhance the attraction of Maldives tourism by double. You can book your You&Me packages through Sunnymaldives for attractive trips and plans;
Get on our well designed site and see more about You and Me Cocoon Maldives here
You can make a call to our professional or livechat with our team for knowing more about You & Me. For booking You&Me Cocoon packages and deals, click here and contact our customer-friendly crews,

Wedding Plans and Packages In Maldives

Your wedding can be one of the most auspicious occasions ever in your all life. Everyone wants the ceremony of their tying knot to be something memorable and different from others. Being creative about your wedding makes your marriage look awesome, plus helps you impress your bride from the very beginning. You need to be very much generous and benevolent towards your life-partner all your life. By the wedding plans we offer, you can be lavish on your wife and make her feel even more loved. Popular Maldives tour operators, Sunnymaldives, present you the best way to make your marriage and celebration even more appealing. We offer you wedding plans and packages in Maldives. Maldives wedding plans is nowadays popular trend of creative marriage celebration around the world with all its attractions and facilities.

It is said that marriage takes place in heaven! How about you make it literally happen in your case? Yes, we help you tie your knot in the natural heaven on earth, one and only Maldives! How about you and your better-half come over to the Maldives, and you marry amidst of all the available natural beauties on earth! Which way you want to get married? You want your marriage ceremony in the indigenous Maldivian style of wedding? Or you like a western style of marriage? Whatever be your wish, it is possible through us! In addition, what locality do you like for your Maldives wedding? The golden-white sand beach! Or the azure ocean water? Plus, what way you want your wedding place decorated? Getting arched by flowers and other decorations in the early morning or evening? Or lighted with small lamps on the seashore on the twilight? Furthermore, can you think of a union under the ocean? Yes it is possible if you book a Maldives wedding plan. We offer you under-water wedding plans!

Creative people think that taking just a honeymoon celebration to a distant location is not enough for their wedding. They say it is just a thing of past! Instead, they want to get their very marriage itself taking place away from their local area. That is why most couples choose Maldives. To be honest, Maldives is truly worth selecting. The Maldives tourism offers attractive wedding packages and offers luxury amenities and entertainments. Unlike other places, Maldives wants to welcome you, treat you and help you enjoy. Here you can have both your marriage and take the world’s luxurious honeymoon. Maldives is well known as a perfect honeymoon destination in the world. It provides luxury resorts with five-star facilities and varied kinds of entertainments and water sports. By taking a Maldives wedding package, you are able to experience the top honeymoon celebration along with that. Truly like two birds with one shot!

Wedding in Maldives is really a good option for your marriage celebration. Interestingly, Maldives wedding packages are highly luxurious yet cost you less. Various attractive Maldives wedding packages and deals for various purposes through us.

It is see so easy and funny booking through Sunnymaldives! Read on to know various wedding purposes you would like to have in Maldives and to understand what a wedding package in Maldives be like. Also, see our package of Maldives underwater wedding package!

Booking Best Maldives Packages and Resorts For Couples

Nowadays, Maldives is the perfect destination in the world for booking best couples packages for your honeymoon or adults seclusion!

There might be various tour destinations under the sky other than Maldives! But, why everyone choose Maldives for their couple celebration and for couple packages for honeymoon!

Answer is quite simple! Maldives, with all its unbeatable charming and natural romantic outlook, becomes the world’s best romantic destination for couples and honeymooners!

Various interesting couple packages are available in Maldives when you book a couple package in Maldives! Number of Maldives resorts are special for couples! Most of Maldives resorts and its villas are perfect for romantic couple packages for your honeymoon! Not only honeymooners, couples of any age can have awesome couples package in Maldives!

Things can be sometimes hard in married life!

Couples wanna get over that and start over again with better care and love for each other! Possibly, they need to take a break from daily ugly routines and go for a vacation where they can make up with each other!

Or they may be newly-weds and gonna start their togetherness! It must be set off with all the goodness and blessing! They need to take a honeymoon with their sweet-heart!

That’s why the Maldives is highly recommended for you!

A place where you can find most of the total beauty of the world and its romantic tranquility! Surrounded by azure water, white sand spread all over, fathomless lagoons, colorful coral reefs! Maldives is truly gonna give you great time on your honeymoon or couple package!

Here we would like to discuss with you on how to book best Maldives couples packages!

What are the best resorts for couples in Maldives! What is all you will have when you book a couple package in Maldives or a Maldives honeymoon package!

Beach Wedding In Maldives

Every one of us will have their own unique ideas about their wedding. You know one’s wedding can be one of the most cherished and auspicious moments in his life.

We would like to suggest you one of such ways to make your wedding ever memorable – wedding in Maldives.

Nowadays, the trending way of luxury and unique way of tying the knot is choosing Maldives as the destination for your wedding. Too many reasons are behind this trend.

Maldives is the world’s most attractive honeymoon destinations for couples of all ages.

Also, the amenities and facilities the Maldives tourism provides for honeymooners! The varieties and styles of ceremonies in Maldives! Attractive Maldives packages for wedding! Packages for other non-wedding ceremonies for couples like wedding anniversary and wedding vows renewals!

Of all these, wedding in the beach is hitting the trend quite because the novel experience it provides.

Wedding in Maldives is so customized for the guests in the matter of both facilities and packages.

You can choose which one should be the venue of your wedding in Maldives, like beach, under-water, secluded island, or in a dhoni/yacht at mid-ocean so on.

What sorts of complimentary amenities and facilities you want? You want maids and men as your attendants or you want to be all alone?

Anyway one thing is quite sure about wedding in Maldives; you are truly going to have some great time in Maldives. Though, wedding in Maldives won’t have legal value in your country, you shall get a provincial certificate.