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Maldives Over-Water Bungalow Vs Beach Bungalow Difference

Maldives Over-Water Bungalow Vs Beach Bungalow Difference Maldives Travel Tips,

Are you confused about which villa type you should book for your honeymoon packages or family packages in Maldives? Basically, there are two types of villas in almost every resort in Maldives. As a tour operator in Maldives and a tour guide for Maldives packages, we have been asked the same questions multiple times by our clients;

“which villa type is best for honeymoon in Maldives?”, “what type of villa we should book for our couple package in Maldives”, “in Maldives, whether water villa or beach villa is best for family holidays?”. Literally number of times, the same questions!

Now that some prejudices already exist in the field, your concern is pretty worth asking. It is generally believed that water villas are best for honeymooners and couple packages AND or for those who book couples packages, beach villas are the best choices. Is it entirely true?

It can be true! But not really! There is much more to add to this notion about selection of villas for packages in Maldives. Actually, it is all about your nature and taste. Both over-water villa and beach villa have their own pros and cons. You can read it out and listen to you mind, and then YOU decide which one suites your package and where to stay in Maldives for your accommodation.

Beach Villas in Maldives Pros and Cons

Beach Villas in Maldives Pros and Cons


Beach villas in most resorts are rather affordable.
It is more like a home with garden and courtyard or backyard.

It comes with private beach for you and the backyard of the villa itself is a lush-secluded mini-beach.

You can take your lounges from deck to your own private beach where you can tan yourself.

You will have direct access to the beach and you will have access to the lagoon which is near to your private beach.

Some beach villas will have added facilities like out-door shower and out-door dining area.

You will have enough privacy and seclusion for your private moments. Your beach will be covered on all sides with lush vegetation.

You will have easy access to all facilities and amenities at the resort like restaurants, diving center, gym and spa because all of them are usually put up on land at all resorts.


The lush foliage or garden might hinder your view out to the sea from your deck.

Since the villas are positioned on the side of the public paths, other guests might walk down the path. (Never think it is less private. You will have garden on the front. Basically, you hardly spend time on the front, but rather in backyard).

Water Villas in Maldives - Pros and Cons

Water Villas in Maldives - Pros and Cons


Giving you too much privacy for your sweet seclusion!

You can enjoy nice view out to the ocean/lagoon.

Quite calm and pleasant except for the humming of ocean!

To many, water villas are synonym with romantic!

You will have private deck whence you will have direct access to the lagoon beneath you.

Giving you maximum fun at water!


Over-water villas are always placed away from the land so that you will have to walk to the main areas of the resort like restaurants and spa.

You have to make a choice between sunset or sunrise villas according to your liking for the sun.

Sometimes the water level beneath you goes down considerably which makes it impossible to have fun at the water.

What We Have to Say,

What We Have to Say,

There is something more to the preoccupation about the selection of villas in Maldives.

Deciding where to stay in Maldives when making a Maldives resort accommodation is all up to your inner psyche.

Each villa type has its own advantages.

But it is a fact that over-water villas can be more calm and silent where beach villas can be a bit less calm. That being said, it does not mean that over-water villas are more romantic than beach villas.

Both are romantic as much as you want, but both in different ways and depend on your taste.

It comes down to how you want your honeymoon in Maldives. If you would like a calmer and much more private get-away, you can choose water villas. Instead, if you are looking for a jolly and celebrating honeymoon get-away, you can select beach villas.

But for the families with infants, beach villas are more suggested than over-water villas.

Also, families with grown-up children better choose beach villas. Because, kids can be a bit noisy and need a lot more space for their fun. It will be appreciated if we try not to bother other over-water guests who are solely looking for a peaceful get-away.

Also, for the group of honeymooners or the group of friends on holiday, we suggest over-water villas. Those guys might need peace and refreshment and some private and secluded time for their group get-together other than fun and activities.

Now It's up to YOU..!

Now It's up to YOU..!

All villas are romantic in their own ways, but only that they have their own characteristics.

You need to read the above-given pros and cons and ask yourself whether your mind would like them and what kind of nature your honeymoon should be.

Or what kind of stay would be more comfy for your kids if you plan on family holiday.

A cunning and preferable decision you can take is booking both beach villa and water villa for your stay and diving your days between them.

That means, for example, if you plan on a ‘six night Maldives package’, book like “three night beach villa and three night water villa”.

That way, it is like you are enjoying both experience and you are taking two different Maldives packages as two separate times. And it could be even funnier and interesting.

That time as well, factor in what is your cravings!

If you would like more fun, then put more than half of your nights on beach villa and the rest on the over-water villa.

Or if you are looking for more tranquil seclusion, put more nights on ocean suites.

It is advisable that you start staying at beach villa and move into over-water villa second in either situation.

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