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Booking Maldives All Inclusive Packages From USA

Booking Maldives All Inclusive Packages From USA

Are you from United States and eager to take tour of the heavenly Maldives from USA?

In a way, Maldives experience can surely be some new experience to Americans and something you would never like to miss! Maldives and its feast is totally different from what you used to feel in western countries!

You can find an unmatched aura of freshness and curiosity about every single entity in Maldives, whether it be the beaches, shallow lagoons, islands or water sports!

Everything in Maldives can welcome you with novelty giving you surprise and jolly! Truly, Maldives is something a true travel-lover American should feel in his life!

You might have too many doubts as to how to get to Maldives from United States!

Is it that easy to reach Maldives from United States! What it is like to book Maldives packages from USA!

What is all new and interesting for people from USA when booking USA Maldives packages!

What are all the Maldives packages available when booking Maldives packages from USA! You may like to know the distance from USA to Maldives!

You would like to know flight details from USA to Maldives! Also, flights from various airports in the United States! How about Maldives trip cost from USA! Flight ticket rates from USA to Maldives!

We would like to tell you everything about booking Maldives packages from USA in more depth and we would like to introduce you various Maldives packages like Maldives vacation packages from USA all inclusive and Maldives honeymoon packages from USA all inclusive!

And also we tell you how to, when to book and more info about Maldives packages from USA!

Just read it completely. Remember, if you want to go through our fine catalogue of all the Maldives resorts and packages, visit our website and for booking and contact and for more info and inquiry click here,

All Inclusive Maldives Packages from USA - Types

All Inclusive Maldives Packages from USA - Types

Various kinds of Maldives packages are available if you book USA Maldives tour packages!

Maldives is well known for both honeymoon and family holidays for its luxuries and funs! Number of luxury resort are there in Maldives with various types of packages for your pleasure.

A resort will consist of villa types for both honeymooners and families!

Some villas only care for honeymooners and couples making it adult-only resort!

You can select between water-villas or beach-villas! Various plans are there if you book Maldives packages! All resorts have different facilities for that!

You can have Maldives honeymoon packages or couples packages in Maldives! Or you can book family holiday or vacation packages in Maldives!

Also, you can get packages for wedding in Maldives! If you would like to tie the knot in the heaven on earth, Maldives with all the luxuries and funs, you can book Maldives wedding packages!

You can decide on what way you wanna marry, in oriental style or in asian style or in western style itself! With the select programs and complimentary accompaniments! You will have bride’s maids and groom’s men!

Or suppose if you want to renew your wedding vows after some difficulty in your life or something else, resorts offer you wedding-vows renewal packages in Maldives as well with attractive complimentary add-ons!

Also you can get packages for your wedding anniversary celebration in Maldives and for engagement celebration! It could be even funnier having your function in Maldives!

You will get your packages with all sorts of facilities and complimentary things!

Get on our website and see various packages and resorts! And contact our customer-care professionals for suggesting you offers and packages and best resort!

Easy & Credible Way for Booking Maldives Packages

Easy & Credible Way for Booking Maldives Packages

Now that we discussed flight details and ticket prices from USA to Maldives and introduced you various Maldives packages, we would like to instruct you on how to book Maldives packages from USA!

Booking Maldives packages is quite easy and credible through us, Sunnymaldives, one of the most trusted Maldivian tour operators based in Maldives!

We are in the field for decades with good experience and customer-support! We work both offline and online! We hear you out, suggest you best packages and resorts and book for you your Maldives packages in a faithful way!

No hesitation and no back-door activities! We are one of the dominant and reputed Maldives tour agents!

It could be tiring on you to go through all the random resorts on internet and select your one! But it is more easy and comfy through us!

We are not just online machinery entities! We are humans with discretion! We work for your wellness with a view to nice rapport and relationship with you!

You just get on our website where you can all the good Maldives resorts arranged and labeled neatly provided with all the necessary info! You can go through them, and just select your one and contact us (!

No tension buds, we are here to give you some great experience in your life and to set loose you tension-free! Fly to Maldives on our wings! We will land you there safely!

You only need to first contact our professionals and get confirmed about your stay with convenient time in advance! If the booking is okey, you need to just book your flight tickets! We will take care of you once you landed at Male airport!

Come dudes, lets fly to heaven on earth!

Basics of USA to Maldives

Basics of USA to Maldives

First off, you don’t need a visa to enter Maldives!

Everyone who goes to Maldives gets a 30-days visa upon the arrival in Maldives! You can increase the duration if you wish!

Simply put you don’t need Maldives USA visa! Note, taking Maldives packages is way far better and comfy.

Speaking about the location and distance between USA and Maldives, the Maldives is located 15381 kilometers (around 9557 miles) from USA!

As for the time difference between Maldives & United States, Maldives is 10 hours ahead of USA (Washington DC).

As for the currency value, 1 USD equals around 15 Maldivian Rufiyaa!

Flight duration
 from United States to Maldives is hard to predict. But on average, a direct flight from US to Maldives (if at all) flying at normal speed would take 16-20 hours to reach Maldives.

Flights to Maldives from USA

Flights to Maldives from USA

Let us be simple and precise with our conclusion! You can get flights from USA to Maldives from any state in the nation.

There is no direct flight from USA to Maldives!

You can get flights with stops, starting from one!

Better you take flight having as few stops as possible! Here, you better book the flight with one stop! Because, USA and Maldives are positioned two poles apart, as it were!

So, even if there happen to be a direct flight by any chance, it would take you near to 20 hours to get to Maldives from USA! Basically, you don’t wanna get tired spending hours at sky and at airports!

You are going to enjoy! So as few stops as possible are the better!

If you take flights from USA to Maldives with one stop, considering the normal time of flying and lay-over, the time to reach Maldives from USA is somewhere from 20 to 30 hours!

Time can be very much varying depending upon the time of lay-over and the selection of stop-over airport midway! Hopefully, you won’t take flights having more than two stops, to reach Maldives from US!

From US to Maldives, from any state of US, there are 
enough number of flights all week and all day!

The word is that when you are booking a Maldives packages from US, you don’t have to worry about how to get to Maldives from US. It is quite simple and comfy, let alone that you need to some time at sky!

But no worry, hopefully, it will only add to the pleasure and fun of your trip!

Almost all airlines fly from US to Maldives! You can select what nations should be your stop-over midway!

Actually, taking a Maldives package could be even funnier if you plan on a multi-nation program, like spending your vacation or honeymoon as in two or more countries!

When you come to selecting your flight, you need to take care of couple more things!

You need to opt among one-way or round trip!

Most probably, you should be booking a round-trip, which will be more convenient and tension-free! But if you are planning something other in Maldives or midway after your stay in Maldives, you can go for one-way option!

When you look for booking flights, you should first contact our professionals about the confirmation of your resort stay!

It would be nice and appreciated if you book your stay way ahead of the time! Then booking for Flights could be even easier!

USA to Maldives Flight Ticket Price

USA to Maldives Flight Ticket Price

Simply put, Maldives trip cost from USA or flight ticket prices from USA to Maldives look more affordable despite the measure of immense distance! We can only present here an estimate for the price!
On average, if you book a flight from USA to Maldives with fewer stops, it would cost you an average of 800-1000$ per person if it is a one-way fly! If it is a round-trip, the price is 1500-2000$.
Considering all four corners of the USA, that is, ticket cost to Maldives from any part of the USA, be it northern, western, southern or eastern, is almost identical without too much change. Normal air-fare from USA to Maldives can range from 800 to 1000$ per person for a one-way trip and nearly double of it for the round trip! But the cost can be considerably less when you book Maldives packages from eastern part of the USA! So, the price can go down as far as 500$ per person for one-way!

We all come down to the point that booking flights for Maldives is not a big deal, rather affordable! Maldives tourists even need no visa! Plus, you need to pay comparatively less for your flight to Maldives from USA! Note that, ticket price from Maldives to USA can be dependent on various factors like the days of week, selection of airline, selection of stop-over place and number of stop-over.

But this is the upshot of Maldives trip cost from USA to Maldives. For the better knowing you can just check out the Google Flight about all flights and ticket price from USA to Maldives, click here,

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