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How to get to Maldives from Singapore

How to get to Maldives from Singapore

Getting around the Maldives Super obvious, but remember that the Maldives are made up of islands. That means to get from the airport in Male to wherever you’re staying you either need to fly or take a boat. It may be necessary to transit overnight at Hulhumale Island (the airport island next to Male), in between each ‘hop’. Or, you may get totally lucky and be able to jump from one speed boat to another from the airport, depending on each guesthouse / resort’s speedboat arrival and departure times…remember how I said it needs to be highly organized? If you really want to island hop make it known to your guesthouse in advance. They can help assist you with how you to get to your next intended island destination. Speedboat transfer Before you arrive in the Maldives, make sure that you organize a speedboat transfer through your guesthouse to the island you are holidaying. Remember, all speedboats must be prearranged as there are no public speedboat services from the airport. Each guesthouse will either have their own private speedboat or transfer guests via a public island speedboat. Public speedboats are much cheaper and only depart guesthouse islands at certain times each day. Domestic flights Make sure you do a little research to determine the location of your guesthouse before booking. The islands and atolls of the Maldives are really spread out and far apart. By staying within an hour of the airport island and the Male Atoll, you can save yourself the cost of an additional domestic flight to reach your holiday island. Local ferries Local ferries depart Male and cost US$2 for a slower journey. Each public ferry has set arrival and departure time, and usually only makes one return journey each day. Unfortunately this is not something that can be easily Googled. Your selected guesthouse may be able to advise you on this, just ask. Seaplanes Seaplanes are generally out of the question for budget travelers. The journeys can cost around US$500 for a thirty-minute trip and mainly transfer guests to the private resort islands. A longer speedboat journey is your best alternative to a seaplane transfers and may just save you a little (or a lot of!) coin. Arriving late at night Many international planes arrive in the Maldives close to midnight. After a lengthy journey to the Maldives and a late night arrival, it may be more comfortable and far less expensive to stay at Hulhumale Island (airport island), than to be transported to your guesthouse right away. Just last year my best friend paid US$200 for a late night 45-minute private speedboat transfer, one way!! It would have been far cheaper to book a guesthouse at Hulhumale Island for the night for US$50 to $100, then take the public speed boat or local ferry the next day.

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