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How to Reach Maldives from Turkey

How to Reach Maldives from Turkey How To Reach Maldives,

Are you from Turkey and wishing to have a thrilling family holiday vacation or honeymoon in the so-called natural heaven, Maldives? It is sure you would have heard enough about the amazing Maldives tourism. Maldives tour package deals are of less cost when compared to the tourism packages of other tourist destinations. We know you are very much eager to reach Maldives from Turkey to enjoy your life in order to get rid of the boredom. There are many reasons why The Maldives is the finest holiday destination ever in the world. The seclusion and the amusements it gives are really unbeatable. Throughout the internet, seldom you can see the exact information about how to get to Maldives from your nation, Turkey. Don’t worry, you can read brief yet necessary info about distance from Turkey to Maldives, flight details from Istanbul to Maldives or flights from Turkey to Maldives, and ticket rates from Turkey to Maldives here.

Address of Turkish consulate in Maldives is Turkish Consulate General in Male, the Maldives 2nd Floor, H. Aage Boduthakurufaanu Magu Male Maldives Telephone: (+960) 3322 719 Fax: (+960) 3323 463

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Distance from Turkey to Maldives

Distance from Turkey to Maldives

Actually Turkey and Maldives lie poles apart indeed. But no room for tension! Aircrafts would only take you few hours to reach your destination. Literally, Maldives is 5644 kilometers away from Turkey. In a normal condition a direct flight from Turkey to Maldives would take you an approximate of 8 hour journey. When it is a connection flight or a flight with stops-between, the time would increase.

Ticket Rates from Turkey to Maldives

Ticket Rates from Turkey to Maldives

Except for special holidays, normal one-way flight ticket from Turkey to Maldives for an economy class on a direct flight would cost you around 800 USD or less; in Turkish currency it would be around 4000 TRY per a single person.

If you book a round trip air ticket in economy class, average ticket rate from Turkey to Maldives is somewhere from 900 – 1100 USD or 5100 – 5700 TRY per person.

If it is a connection flight with one or more stops, normal economy one-way fare per person could be around 400 USD; or around 2100 TRY; which means roughly half of a direct flight.

But connection flights take extra hours. Also, airfare can be very much varying as you know, especially in special seasons like new-year. This is the upshot of the flight ticket rate from Turkey to Maldives. For further details see, (Google Flights).

Flights from Turkey to Maldives

Flights from Turkey to Maldives

When seeking direct flights from Turkey to Maldives, it is almost about Istanbul Ataturk Airport (AST). The majority of international flights from Turkey start from here. Especially to such far-away nation like Maldives you will have to commence your journey from here.

You can have various connection flights to Maldives from Turkey with one or more stops like Jeddah and Colombo. But you would most likely need a direct flight when planning a Maldives package from Turkey. Various airlines run number of connection flights to Maldives.

Turkish Airlines has the aircraft, Airbus A330, almost on a regular basis. It is a direct flight from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Velana International Airport Male.  It takes an approximate of 8 hour fly. On most days, it departs from your country at 2.10 am and reaches Male at 12.10 pm. This could be most convenient to you.

Booking Maldives Package from Turkey

Booking Maldives Package from Turkey

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