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A Women Empowered Olialia Resort To Open In Maldives In 2020

A Women Empowered Olialia Resort To Open In Maldives In 2020 Newly Opening Resorts,

Carving a stunning milestone in the history of women movements and possibly in the timeline of entrepreneurship of all world, there comes to the field of luxury Maldives tourism, a purely women empowered all-new resort, Olialia Resort Maldives.

Possibly you will have had enough hearing about this Lithuanian women movement, Olialia, which is nowadays acquiring the trend and popularity in an unprecedented style.

This women-only movement is noted for its style and selection and is leaping to a great success.

In a way, the innovative ideas and functions are going to be exemplary model for other struggling women entrepreneurs. The Olialia Maldives Resort is going to function on an axis which is perfectly shaped by women crew.

Hopefully, with the advent of this new-trend resort in Maldives which has a top-to-bottom different infrastructure, the emphasis on the importance of women and the power of woman’s caliber are highlighted.

And a strong message is delivered to the world that women are not to be underestimated.

Olialia Resort in Maldives

Olialia Resort in Maldives

Olialia Resort is a dream project by a world-renowned Lithuanian women movement group.

The project comes with various notable features. To attract guests and fame, the resort was to be taken over by an all-blond women crew. But as per the Maldives local laws, the resort’s staff will involve 50 percent Maldivians, still only women though!

The group’s delegation inspected various islands for the plan and selected three islands that are suitable for establishing the resort.
The plans are envisaged in 2018 and the opening of the Olialia Resort Maldives is expected to be in 2020.

With the Olialia group itself putting up a new airport in Maldives far away from Male city, the guests will have even more luxury and private and convenient way of transportation.

Designing this luxurious island resort has been finished by a famous Lithuanian architect Valerijus Starkovskis. Actually, the design and the position of the resort could be what is gonna stun everyone.

Such a beautiful plan!

All eyes are behind the fulfillment of Olialia Resort plan.

What Are The Plans?

What Are The Plans?

According to the project plan of the resort, the shape of the resort island will look like women’s high heeled sandals, being symbolic of women empowerment.

At first, the resort will have around 60 villas and over years, the number will add up to a few more hundreds.

Such a massive luxury plan is first in Maldives. The resort will set up for the guests unique versions restaurants, a nightclub, a beauty salon and spa centers, the centre of harmony and psychology, a marina, a boardwalk, a mall and a helipad on the island.

Every nook and corner of the resort will be attended by women staffs that are noble and highly trained.

World’s most famous companies will be the operators of the hotels, restaurants and service centers. A specially designed charter airline “Olialia Air” will ferry the tourists to/from Olialia island in Maldives.

The tenders will be announced soon.

Group of Olialia World

Group of Olialia World

Olialia orld is a business team from Lithuania that includes only blond women from Lithuania. The Olialia group is a big name in the business sectors all around the world with various luxury products and services.

The group highly promotes the message of women empowerment and call for utilizing the caliber of women. The movement of Lithuanian Olialia has already brought together 25,000 Lithuanian women and has achieved tremendous results in just a decade.

Today, the brand operates in 70+ business sectors with products and services like Olialia Cola, Olialia Cola ice cream, Olialia Restaurants, Olialia Pizza, Olialia Computers, Olialia Fashion, Internet portal ‘’, Olialia Music Group, Olialia Limousines, and Olialia Beauty Clinic.

The arrival of Olalia World group into the Maldives tourism is giving a new outlook to the Maldives in total. Various programs and plans are envisaged and taken up by the group in corporation with other resort companies in Maldives.

The Olialia group is starting off with a new airport in Maldives far away from Male city and a private island resort. Group’s various services and products will be launched in Maldives. Various other existing resorts will come under the ownership of Olialia group.

Hopefully, more luxury resorts are yet to come under the Olialia group in Maldives.

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